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Evans Cycles


How the largest cycle retailer in the UK achieved great results via algorithmic attribution.

Riding to Success via Algorithmic Attribution

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The client

With over 60 stores throughout the UK, Evans Cycles are the UK’s largest quality cycle retailer, stocking the widest range of products and brands. In 1999, was launched and has become one of the UK’s leading online cycling e-commerce sites, attracting 3.5M visits a month.

“Switching to the Bell Algorithmic Model has allowed us to sustainably increase our investment in PPC Campaigns, some of which were significantly limited by budget due to performance on a Last Click Non-Direct basis – we are now completely optimising and budgeting towards the model and seeing significant performance increases as a result.”

Ben Hart
Director of E-commerce - Evans Cycles

The challenge


Like many e-tailers Evans Cycles decided to challenge and attack the online media attribution status-quo of “Last Click Tracking”. The goal was to find a business intelligence solution that enabled Evans Cycles’ e-commerce managers to make real-time, informed and accurate investment decisions across the full online marketing mix.

After researching the market, Evans Cycles chose Wizaly, Bell’s Attribution platform. With the brief in hand, Bell set to work to provide Evans Cycles with a platform that not only improved insight but provided truly accurate conversion data for campaign managers of Paid Search, Social, Affiliate, Email and SEO.

The solution

Easier Cross-Channel Investment Decisions

The first step was to connect all online data sources to the Wizaly platform. This involved linking AdWords, Facebook Business Centre, Affiliate Window, TURN, Adestra, Bing & others, combining this with Evans Cycles’ onsite metrics. After the setup, Wizaly’s algorithm went to work using its multi-dimensional approach to both filter and calculate which user clicks had the most influence on each individual conversion path.

With new and reliable algorithmic data available at hand on a daily basis, Evans Cycles’ managers could review and strategise with confidence using either top-line or granular campaign performance data. Furthermore, each campaign manager is provided with a specialist interface that combines industry KPIs with algorithmic attribution. For example, the new Display interface uses the algorithmic data to determine optimum View Through Windows and Impression Frequency, whilst using Viewability metrics to dismiss irrelevant impressions from the user journey.


Seamless data integration with the Paid Search Platform

Evans Cycles also uses Bell’s Paid Search Platform that was seamlessly linked and fed with multi-channel attribution data. The paid search management team now optimises bid strategies and reviews keyword & ad performance data based on the channel’s true value.

The achievements

With the confidence to understand how each media investment would affect one another, Evans Cycles has slowly increased its market presence, pushing the paid search campaigns that work and maintaining stable conversion rates despite a widening of the audience.

This has led to the following results (Q1 2016 vs Q1 2017):


Increased Revenue


Increased Convertions 


Increased Visits


Stable Conversion Rates

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