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Air France


How the number one French airline improved their ROI by 13% with a better understanding of their media mix performance.

Air France, data at the service of performance


The client

Founded in 1933, Air France is the number one French airline and one of the world’s largest air carriers, operating flights to 195 destinations and 91 countries. Air France looked to Bell’s expertise to better understand the performance of its media mix, especially on display.

The challenge


Air France wanted to evaluate the relevancy of their performance measurement system and contacted Bell with the following challenges:

> Adopt a holistic approach and gain a global understanding of their media mix with an attributed vision of their performance.
> Implement an attribution platform to measure the performances of different acquisition channels.
> Implement an analytical methodology to optimise their media mix.

The solution

To answer their big business questions and meet their expectations, Bell:

> Implemented our attribution platform, Wizaly, which was the ideal solution to understand Air France’s multi-channel marketing mix as its algorithmic attribution model goes far beyond channel/source.
> Analysed the contribution of the different channels with the aim of optimising the budget allocation.
> Proposed improvements for the management of their display channel.

Wizaly is an Algorithmic Attribution Modelling Platform owned by the ESV Group.
Wizaly’s goal is to help advertisers understand the impact of each of their marketing channels on conversions, save wasted investments, highlight best performing campaigns (keywords, sources, devices) and ultimately increase Online & Offline ROI.


The achievements

After re-allocation and optimisation of Air France’s budget based on their data, the ROI of their media mix improved by 13% compared to the previous quarter.


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