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International & Local SEO

From increasing local visibility to international market targeting, we can help you reach the right audience. 

Our services

A business targeting a local area needs brand recognition and reputation. Google customises search results to favour local businesses, which is why Bell will help you to optimise your business to appear in local results. We optimise across all devices, and with 12+ in-house languages and international search knowledge, we can help you target globally.


Our team have many years of experience making sure clients of all sizes have visibility for a geo-targeted audience. Our UK office has over 12 languages ready to support any international campaign. The team will find the right keywords and create optimised content to succeed in those markets, with the technical expertise to rank across the different search engines that exist in those regions.


Over 56% of all mobile searches have local intent, in fact, 46% of all Google searches are looking for location-based information.


Our expertise

To successfully target a region, Bell provides a mix of technical and language expertise.

> Optimising for Google My Business & Bing Places

> Local SEO Audit

> Online Directories and Citation Optimisation

> Google Search Console Region Set-up

> Meta Data Local Region Optimisation

> Technical Signal Optimisation - HrefLang Tags, X Default Tag, Meta Content Language tags, Schema Markup

> Onsite location pages

> Mobile Recommendation

> Overseas Search Engine Optimisation - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Naver etc.

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Localised ads in any market and search engine with +12 languages in house.
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