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Monthly SEO Support

ESV BELL eliminates any technical barriers to your website visibility across search engines.

Our approach

Technical SEO remains one of the most important aspects of any successful SEO campaign. If your website doesn't allow Google to crawl and understand your website it will lead to lost organic visibility and traffic.


If you're looking for an SEO agency with a high success rate and great customer service you're in the right place. Through an initial 360 degree audit, we identify any and all elements which can be holding your website’s performance back in terms of organic traffic and conversions, then we work with you to overcome them.


How long does this take? It is the same answer as to how long 'is a piece of string' but when all is done you not only should start an upward trajectory of SEO growth but you will be able to invest more in SEO with a higher ROI especially from content that is now more valued by search engines. With ESV BELL you will receive comprehensive ongoing valuable SEO support to sustain your growth in ever-changing times.

Monthly support

Our monthly support package comes in four sizes (basic, small, medium, and large) and allows us to offer full SEO campaign support for any customer needs.

Annual Full Audit

We check all factors that could impact visibility covering on-site and external factors to brand awareness and reviews management. Get in touch


Strategy Definition & Roadmaps

While our campaigns remain flexible to your company needs we will formulate an SEO strategy and monthly roadmap to increase visibility and drive better-qualified traffic.
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Technical SEO and Developer Search Support

Not only do we identify any technical issue that could hamper the visibility of the site or brand, but we will also work with your developers to suggest solutions.
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Search Engine Algorithm Change Review & Recommendations

There have been too many examples of company and brand websites running foul of a new Google algorithm change, we keep abreast of changes and recommend actions to protect or exploit those changes.
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SEO Tech Maintenance for Crawl Errors

We crawl your website as Google would, to identify anything that may prevent crawling and indexing of your site in Google results and recommend ways to maximise exposure.
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Keyword and Content Optimisation, Research & Expansion

Comprehensive keyword and market research form the basis of an SEO strategy.
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Competitor Analysis and Review

Your competition will be trying to win traffic and brand recognition, the more you know the better you can outrank them. Get in touch


Full Monthly Reporting & Calls

We recognise your marketing budget is valuable, so better data and analysis to show how that spend performs is an essential element.
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Google Data-Studio Dashboards

A custom dashboard enables better visualisation of your data leading to informed decisions.
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Metadata Optimisation & Targeting

Your website meta-data tells Google what search terms match your pages, we ensure optimal page performance.
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Content Research, Planning & Edits

We work with your content team to research topics that will engage with your audience and help plan and edit that content to reach them.
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Cross-Device CRO

Nothing is worse than gaining more traffic than for it not to engage and bounce away. We ensure your audience conversion journey is optimised on any device.
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A flexible partnership

Our monthly SEO support is designed to mould into different clients needs and businesses whether you have internal or external website developers, a content team in-house or even other agencies to work alongside. When you need content production we can provide it on-demand or as part of the package. From time to time you may also need additional SEO resources too which we can do as a project.


SEO content on demand

If you're not doing it in-house or want more of it we produce lots of amazing SEO optimised content from blogs to videos and infographics.



SEO projects & audits

When you need extra resources for site migrations, a 2nd website perhaps, team training we can add this on as a project on demand.


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