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Paid Social

Bell helps brands increase their ROI and sales volume using paid social advertising.

Social performance

We leverage paid social advertising to drive revenue, increase profitability and acquire more customers. We have a multi-channel approach to diversify your customer acquisition. Using multiple ad formats across many social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest to name a few.

Our team of expert digital media buyers combine best-in-class creative, content and messaging tailored to the social media network's audience to drive consistent and scalable results. Using a full-funnel strategy, with appropriate exclusions in place to control the customer journey, we will drive your business forward.

At Bell we understand the importance of creativity, which is why we also have an on-hand creative team that works alongside our media buyers to build high-performing ads that convert more customers and lower your cost per acquisition costs. Whatever the social network, whatever your ambitions, Bell can help you make the most out of your social media advertising budget.

Here is a quick rundown of the social networks we work with day-to-day.

Social Networks

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

When Mark Zuckerberg said to his team 'make advertising work' they came up with a way to precisely target audiences better than anyone else yet. When combined with a growing number of ad formats over the years across a growing number of owned platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, WhatsApp) the opportunity to find substantial conversion volumes at the right ROI is definitely there. We've done it and fingers crossed we are still doing it as you read this. But it's not that straightforward. 

Google only has so many searches a day so many marketers expect Facebook to step in to fill the void in exactly the same way. However, when someone searches on Google for a product or service they have a specific intent but while on Facebooks platforms they are usually just consuming content. To complicate matters further we are also comparing apples to pears when it comes to tracking and attribution. Don't get us wrong we actually love Facebook Ads, especially being able to boost organic posts but we are a transparent bunch too. 

Facebook Meta

Our approach

Bearing in mind all this our approach to Facebook and Instagram Ads includes:

> Ensure creative & messaging is tuned for different audiences at the different stages of the funnel (and ad formats where appropriate)

> Import Facebook performance data into ESV Ad Manager to compare alongside analytics data (and other search engine data) when reporting results.  

> Measure success based on a wider range of KPI's although ultimately 99% of our clients hire us for increasing conversions, not impressions.   

Other than that there’s no one-size-fits-all model here, our tailored service reflects your business objectives so you will have to get in contact to find out how Bell will make Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads work for you. 

Linkedin Ads

It's mainly for B2B although we've run a few B2C campaigns too over the years. If you asked us 5 years we would have told you before we got started some of the pitfalls such as we found CPC's high for most clients CPA target, CTR's often low, audience targetting hard and ad platform settings and data was limited. Of course if your online ad campaigns eventually lead to 6-7 figure revenue deals you're not going to be too worried about +£10 CPCs.

To add to that many of our clients thought the peer set of advertisers was low quality impacting their own brands as silly as that may sound, really it happened many times. Along with the question, is it not for recruitment ads? which to an extent it is. We are not sure if it was when Microsoft acquired Linkedin or beforehand but these days Linkedin Ads are great for B2B and CPC's have come down enough for most campaigns to have a chance of good ROI if you use the right targeting. We have plenty of experience with account based marketing (ABM) which we usually advise to layer alongside broader campaigns types to achieve the best ROI. We like the sponsored content ad format within the news feed the most as it is not only great for conversions but fits the brand awareness piece too.


Twitter Ads

Founded in 2006, Twitter resisted the ad model until 2010 and we were lucky enough to have a client who was a highly active tweeter and wanted us to jump right on it. Although not as many users as some of the other social networks, Twitter's core audience are highly active and a loyal bunch too. We've got the best results over the years with unique promotions on direct response or time-specific brand messaging layering on top of big news stories. We especially like follower ads to increase followers to your business which is a top-funnel activity but lays the groundwork for the future.

YouTube Ads

Always hard to know where we should put YouTube when we write our websites in this channel-based structure. Is it Paid Social? or is it Display & Video? or is it Paid Search? Well, it's all 3 of them and even more channels too. Quite simply for sharing of videos, YouTube is the biggest and most advanced platform on planet earth exampled by the fact it is the 2nd most visited website in the US/UK after Google (who own it, which you probably know). From streaming movies, music videos and the enormous volume of user-generated content on practically any topic you can think of, YouTube has something for everyone at any time of day. And for the advertiser, YouTube has many great ad formats across the full user journey that range from brand awareness to consideration phases right through to the acquisition itself. We like the skippable ad format where you only pay when a user does not skip as well as the bumper ads which are unskippable 6 secs with your potential customer.


TikTok Ads

While we are talking about videos we should mention TikTok which has a much more mobile-based audience than YouTube and is full of interesting shared UGC to whittle away a few hours here and there. We've only run a few campaigns on TikTok so far and the results seem good. Being an international agency we like its reach especially.

Snapchat Ads

This is where Gen Z are (+ some millennials) and they made some interesting ad formats such as sponsored lenses (augmented reality) for creatives to let loose. Again we've only run a few campaigns but seems good so far and mentionable a high US market penetration.


Pinterest Ads

After achieving good performance from organic posting on Pinterest (Pins) undertaken for some of
 our Home & Garden clients we started experimenting with Pinterest Ads with it being a proven key research channel for many consumers. We only tested small budgets so far and have not yet broken the under 15% Cost of Sale zone but we are not far off (and there will be a lot of top-funnel success for ad spend too).  

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