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Whether you call it SEM, SEA, PPC or Paid Search we do it very well here at Bell. With proven paid search expertise across numerous industries (retail, travel, finance, insurance, technology, B2B, gaming, comparison, events, property, education and more), the team here at Bell are experts at pay per click advertising, maximising ROI, both in the UK and globally.

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We know Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising like the backs of our hands. Our proposition is underpinned by constantly refined best practice methodologies, a senior dominated team, a fully transparent approach, advantageous technology, client-centric service, and strong search engine partnerships.

Alongside the English language campaigns, our proactive data-driven team speak all the main European languages and are also cross-trained for all your biddable media needs across programmatic, social and Amazon too. We deliver quick wins and long-term, sustainable growth for our clients through both high-impact performance and branding campaigns.

If you’re looking for PPC management services to help you achieve your business objectives with flair and innovation, please click here to arrange a chat.

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If you are searching for a PPC management agency to drive new customers to your website, you’ve come to the right place. Got a project, question or want to have a chat? Call the team here at Bell Digital Marketing to find out what we can do for you.


We understand that the world of search engine marketing can be difficult for business owners to navigate. View some answers below to frequently asked questions about SEM and paid search ads.

Google Display advertising operates across the Google Display Network of partner websites that features many of the top websites in the world, including the likes of YouTube. It offers the opportunity to promote visually engaging advertisements to entice users to visit your website.

You can choose how you bid via either CPC (cost per click) or viewable CPM (vCPM). With CPC, you pay when a user clicks your ad and with viewable CPM, you bid on 1000 impressions and are charged if your ad is deemed to have been viewed. For an ad to count as viewable and therefore chargeable, it must appear for one second or more.

Not to be confused with SEO, SEM (search engine marketing) is paid advertising across digital media channels such as search engines, websites, social media, apps and video platforms. Ads are designed to target keywords and keyphrases to ensure the ad is shown to relevant audiences. It is an auction based system that relies on your maximum bid, quality score and the user's intent.