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ROI-driven best practice Pay Per Click management, whether you call it SEM, SEA, PPC or Paid Search we do it very well here at Bell.

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With proven paid search expertise across numerous industries (retail, travel, finance, insurance, technology, B2B, gaming, comparison, events, education and more), Bell are expert at maximising ROI, both in the UK and globally. We know Google Ads (once AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising (once Bing Ads) like the backs of our hands.

Our proposition is underpinned with constantly refined best practice methodologies for ever-changing times, proprietary technologies that provide competitive advantages, a fully transparent approach, client-centric service and strong search engine partnerships. Our proactive data-driven team speak over 12 languages and are also cross-trained for all your biddable media needs. We don't sell PPC dreams but make them happen. We make our clients communicate with flair and grow at the optimum ROI. Discover much more below or arrange a chat now.

Our PPC Tech

Our proprietary campaign/bid management platform is designed to allow Bell to work with the correct balance of search engine changes and automated campaign management across Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

ESV Ad Manager Set rules to alert you when KPIs have been reached or if any performance issues that arise 24/7 access so you can view your performance data and main PPC metrics through customisable widgets Automated custom-rich excel reporting in your inbox or viewable on the fly via Google Sheets Our comprehensive editor tool with superfast bi-directional search engine updating DASHBOARD IN-DEPTH REPORTING BUSINESS ALERTS BULK MANAGEMENT pink line pink line pink line ESV Ad Manager ESV Ad Manager

ESV Shopping & CSS

Our very own Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is available in the UK and France.

Google CSS Partner

After an EU anti-trust ruling in 2017, Google provided access to competitors in shopping search results, which encouraged us to offer a comprehensive CSS.

Find out more about our wider Shopping Ad Campaign management services across Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and ESV Shopping here.

ESV Smart Feed Ads


Being able to create and quickly update numerous campaigns based on actual stock inventory for text search ads is vital to sales productivity.


Which is why we developed ESV Smart Feed Ads, a flexible automated advertising solution that enables competitive advantage and increased ROI for those with a large and ever-changing inventory in the text search ads auction. 

Find out more about our Paid Search campaign management services across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Amazon Ads here.

More about search engines advertising

Google Ads

Google Ads is the no.1 advertising solution in the world from the no.1 search engine in the world. We know the likes of Westfield or Blue Water are big enough to get lost in but it does not compare to Google, the world’s real no.1 shopping centre. Google has not only already surpassed TV ad spending in most markets they operate in but in the multi-device world we live in today, they now show ads on Connected TVs themselves. Google invests billions each year developing best in class advertising products to help you and PPC agencies like Bell to grow your business on a performance-based model foremost. Contact us to help ensure you are maximising your visibility, growth and ROI from your Google Ads investment.

Microsoft Advertising

In most markets, Bing and the other search engines Microsoft Advertising powers such as Yahoo, Duck&Go and AOL have a high enough portion of your potential customers to make it worthwhile to chase those searchers too. Even though Bing has a smaller audience than Google it potentially has much better results on a client-by-client basis due to XYZ factors (a wealthier average demographic, cross-device searchers, less competition so lower CPCs) so you should not be missing out on Bing to increase your overall sales volumes and ROI. At Bell we actively manage Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising side by side. With ESV Ad Manager we can easily duplicate any Google Campaign for Microsoft within a few clicks.

Amazon Ads logo

Amazon has a +30% e-commerce market share in the UK, +40% in the US and they operate worldwide. So, if you are an e-commerce retailer or brand manufacturer already listed on Amazon Marketplace we can use Amazon Ads to help you stand out from competitors by increasing your brand or product visibility, driving incremental sales and ultimately winning market share.

With Amazon Ads you can target specific searches based on a keyword CPC model similar to other search engines. Different ad formats such as Sponsored Products, Brands and Display give you the ability to target users across the search funnel. Contact Bell today to find out how we can help you grow with Amazon Ads.

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