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Influencer Marketing

We help brands grow with trackable influencer marketing.

Grow brand awareness

Using influencers to convey your brand’s authentic content and story, we can quickly and consistently grow your brand's awareness and increase sales.

Tailored services

By leveraging the relationship an influencer has fostered with their audience you gain access to an already engaged and trusting prospective customer base. Purchasing power is so heavily influenced by word-of-mouth communication, influencers act as an extension and amplification of this.

At Bell we connect businesses to the right influencers using a database of 2 million influencers across 180 countries. Our experts work with influencers to produce engaging, targeted content. Whether it’s a campaign, video or one-off post. There’s no one-size-fits-all model here, our tailored service reflects your business objectives.

Influencer types
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Why Bell?

We create bespoke Influencer Marketing campaigns, using content creators and a range of influencers to amplify your brand.

> We implement a thorough screening process to assess which influencer will achieve the best results for your brand or product. 

> Our creative team is on hand to build impressive and engaging social media assets that can be used in campaigns. 

> We're incredibly data-driven and focused on increasing your return on ad spend.

> We build holistic reports that help you understand the results we've driven.

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