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Evans Cycles


Cycling up the data mountain: understanding online visits to in-store purchases.

Kicking online attribution up a gear

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The client is one of the UK’s leading cycling e-commerce websites, attracting over 3.5M visits per month via both a best-in-class digital strategy and a successful network of over 60 high-street stores that have helped to drive Britain’s new found enthusiasm in cycling.

“The ability to be able to physically link online clicks to offline purchases for specific PPC Campaigns has given us the sufficient business case to influence the way we invest our PPC Budget and grow overall sales, both in-store & online – we are now looking to expand this to other channels, such as Affiliates (especially content affiliates) to adjust commission rates based on offline contribution, where significant.”

Ben Hart
Director of E-commerce - Evans Cycles

The challenge

No matter whether you’re a novice, an enthusiast or a professional cyclist there’ll always be a time that you’ll need to visit your local cycle shop to fix your bike, be inspired, obtain advice or buy a cycle product. Evans Cycles are experts in customer service and have grown both their bricks & mortar and online presence over the last 90 years by listening to what their customers want. But even with this expertise Evans Cycles still couldn’t answer one of the Holy Grail’s of retail marketing: how do my online media investments affect in-store footfall and purchases?

The solution

Connecting the dots

The first step was to understand how and what data could be matched with Evan Cycles’ already advanced attribution modelling platform and email seemed a good place to start. Evans Cycles’ customers are both loyal to the brand and are happy to receive news on offers, events and new products. This customer service satisfaction has led to a significant CRM opportunity allowing Wizaly and Evans Cycles to link Advertising Campaign Data, to Onsite Visits, In-store Purchases, and ultimately the opportunity to track Lifetime Value.


Algorithmic Online Attribution using in-store purchase data

Once the CRM data was linked, Wizaly’s best-in-class multi-channel attribution platform adjusted its algorithm across all media channels to provide Evans Cycles’ e-commerce management team with the true value of each channel effect both online and in-store.

The achievements

For PPC, it uncovered that specific subcategories drove significant offline revenue, with certain bike categories driving higher offline revenue than online (upwards of 67% more), transforming investment decisions.
In its initial phases, the offline data has been used to accelerate such PPC campaigns that show high offline potential and were limited previously by budget.

In this case, offline revenue for the PPC campaigns was de-duplicated against using Bell’s Algorithmic Model vs. using a Last Click Model, in the same way as online, which we couldn’t have achieved through other providers as easily.


Offline revenue directly attributable to online channels


Online investments drove 67% more revenue in offline channels

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