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Roche Bobois


A clear strategy: maximise visibility towards the high-end audience.

Furnishing improved acquisition goals with programmatic


The client

Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution, with 255 showrooms around the globe offering a broad range of exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured with a high level of customisation.

They came to Bell with the mission of supporting them in two major phases of their acquisition strategy: the “Open Days” and the "8 Exceptional Days", special promotions to boost their sales.

The challenge


Roche Bobois wanted to address their campaigns specifically to their target audience with a directed approach by getting in touch with them before the weekend (their footfall peak is on Saturdays and Sundays).

The challenge was to control the reach (coverage) and the repetition (exposure per individual) - usually two opposite objectives.

The solution

To meet these requirements, Bell utilised a hybrid approach:

> From one side, an audience planning via programmatic, directly looking for 3rd party high-end audiences amongst the data providers available in the French market (conservation of brand safety).

> Additionally, a media planning via space reservation on large channels targeting the core audience before the weekends.

> Enabling impacting formats to maximise true visibility and engagement rate (website reskin for desktop and interstitial ads for mobile), and a remarketing strategy between the two tiers to better control repetition and reach.

The achievements

During the campaign, 1.5 million people were reached for an average of 2.45 times per campaign. There was also a good impact in-store, representing positive returns on sales.


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