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Twitter is now back to normal after users across the world experienced disruptions on Wednesday morning. These issues caused different elements to stop working, including being unable to sign in or users who were able to access the platform couldn’t use certain functions such as the search and notification features.

During the six-hour outage, TweetDeck experienced similar issues, which caused major problems for digital marketers. The Twitter support page tweeted on Wednesday afternoon to confirm that the issue had been fixed, but they have failed to address what caused the outages.

Communication Interruptions

For many people, Twitter being down for a few hours may not seem like a big deal. However, as digital marketers, Twitter is a vital communication platform which we rely on to keep up-to-date with industry news and developments.

As an SEO professional, I use Twitter as a source for live updates and alerts about the SEO tools on which I rely on a daily basis as well as keeping up to date with new Google updates and industry news.

Tweetdeck For Digital Marketing

As well as being unable to keep up with live industry updates, the outage caused many other disruptions for marketers.

TweetDeck, when running well, is a great tool used for monitoring activity on multiple accounts and allows users and brands to schedule tweets to post at specified times. However, there were reports of images and videos disappearing from these scheduled posts. This can be very problematic for businesses as it disrupts their marketing which can, in turn, create issues for their campaigns, promotions and overall sales.

So, What Can We Take From This?

Our lives have become engrossed with online communication platforms that we couldn’t imagine life without them. When an outage like this happens, it reminds us how heavily we rely on social media. Twitter have experienced several outages over the last few months that lasted a maximum of an hour. However, this month’s one caused issues for about six hours, raising concerns as to how much we should, or shouldn’t, depend on social media.

If Twitter keeps experiencing outages, will people seek a more reliable source? Will a new platform arise to take its place?

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9 October 2019