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If your business has an international footprint, it makes sense to market internationally. Implementing online marketing is, due to its nature, logistically easy to do from a computer at a desk here in the UK, but this will only work if the strategy and tactics match each market. There are many elements to consider that you might think – it’s not just as easy as translating your UK ad campaigns and expecting great results.

The International Environment

The international landscape is extremely dynamic. Global consumers join the e-commerce world every day. According to Internet World Stats, Africa and Asia have the fastest growing online populations from 2000 to 2015 (7,000% and 1,000% respectively).

Before launching an international PPC campaign, advertisers should be aware that sometimes AdWords is not the predominant ad serving service in a specific country. Yandex is the “Google” of Russia, for example, whilst China is dominated by Baidu and South Korea is covered by Naver. In other markets, the search engine landscape is different in other ways, some countries prefer Yahoo over Google, some almost ignore Bing and Yahoo and favour of a massive domination of Google and so on.



After doing the PPC research of the international landscape, you should be aware of the quirks that come with translating an ad from one language to another. For example, each Spanish-speaking South American country has their own colloquialisms for a variety of terms – using them in ads and customising keyword lists is important.

The messaging of the Ad Text is important to nail, but a lot of the attention should be paid towards the translation of Keywords. As we know, PPC campaigns revolve around the selection of the right keywords, making an international campaign research of the utmost importance. The value of using native speakers to translate from English, as we do at our agency, can reap huge rewards you would never know you’re missing if using automated or basic word-for-word translation.


Be “Local”

Launching an international PPC campaign can be difficult and require a lot of research, but some will be happy to know that a typical PPC budget goes much farther in foreign markets than it does in the UK market. Emerging e-commerce markets like China, Russia, India and Brazil typically have lower keyword competition meaning your ad campaign will cost less too.

The extent to which even neighbouring countries can differ – and how knowing as much as you can about how each country ticks – is explored in my blog post from 2012 published here.


International Pay Per Click at ESV Digital

Tracking internationally across multiple domains and channels can be overwhelming but our multi-channel platform was developed to collect extensive information on all marketing touch points between the users and your brand, regardless of how many sites or markets you target. You can monitor both visits, clicks & views (ad-centric data) and information on website user behaviour (site-centric data). This feature allows ESV Analytics to incorporate a measure of engagement into our unbiased algorithm for ‘best in class’ accuracy. Since our technology was developed in-house, we can tailor it to your needs. We are constantly investing in the research and development that provides us an edge over our competitors.

We are a flexible international organization that can mirror your own, whether you are looking for local contacts or a centralised organization. Our team of Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified experts have up-to-the-minute industry knowledge and are experts at optimising PPC campaigns. Our Account Management team can dive into the conversion funnel to get full insight into the true value of each of your marketing efforts. We know the international digital advertising landscape because we have international management experience for global campaigns in over 45 countries and 20 different languages.



There are real opportunities for profitable growth internationally, if you do it right, but it isn’t logistically the easiest move for many companies. This is where the value of outsourcing to seasoned experts becomes starkly apparent and can rapidly have your campaign competing strongly with the local players quicker than trying to learn as you go.

Have an international digital advertising campaign that needs help addressing cultural variations? Contact us on or follow us on LinkedIn or Tweet at us!



Tracking web data, such as clicks and conversions, is important to the success of any company with a digital presence. It’s most common for agencies and advertisers to choose just to use Google’s own conversion tracking to determine how their PPC efforts are performing. However, this option (particularly when not also using Bing and Yahoo tracking) is limited in effectiveness and is less flexible than you might realise.

Since Google has a large market share over the digital advertising world, some advertisers do not see the value in using Bing Ads or Yahoo Tracking, and instead often use the shortcut of duplicating any changes they make on Google over to the other search engines. The advertisers who use only one Search Engine tracking platform are missing out on the real behaviour patterns of users and, in some cases, mis-counting conversions. But even if you do use tracking from all three major search engines, much user behaviour is obscured or misreported. For example, for any ad campaign there can be a lot of cross-search-engine traffic and, if an advertiser only uses Google tracking, they will find that someone who clicks on a Bing Ad will register as converting on a Google ad if they have also clicked a Google ad recently. Or, for the same reason, if you have both Bing and Google tracking, both search engines could register a conversion for one user if that user had clicked on ads for both search engines. This is where 3rd party tracking (like ours) comes in to save the day and help advertisers make sense of their mounds of web/search engine generated user data.


Tracking your data + ESV Digital = maximising your ROI


We at ESV Digital, have always had our own 3rd party tracking system but in recent years we’ve evolved it into the EasyTrack system. This tracking solution not only functions on all websites and browsers, because it uses 1st party cookies instead of the often blocked 3rd party cookies, but it allows us to change tracking behaviour without changing website code and to track user actions beyond purely a click on a search ad should a client wish to add our cross-channel Analytics platform solution.

We, at ESV Digital, understand campaign data at a granular level because it is something we specialise in:

  • We offer an end-to-end customer acquisition, conversion and retention service tailored to your exact needs – and all designed to help you turn your digital marketing budget into sales, and your sales into profits.
  • Our team of Google AdWords and Bing Ads qualified analysts are experts at optimizing PPC campaigns. Our Account Management team has excellent analytical skills and can dive into the conversion funnel to get full insight into the true value of each of your marketing efforts.
  • We have a single tracking solution for multiple search engines and channels.
  • Tracking and understanding web data is often the bread and butter of 3rd party tracking solutions providers similar to ours, however, we set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack by owning our own cutting-edge PPC platform.
  • Our proprietary Platform is one of the most efficient, and powerful automated bidding platforms in the SEM industry. We are constantly investing in the research and development that provides us with an edge over our competitors. Thanks to the platform’s built-in revenue attribution across SEM campaigns, our Account Managers can analyse conversion/revenue performance and implement optimizations based on this data in a unique and streamlined way.


At the end of the day, money is made through understanding the power of behaviour tracking and revenue attribution. Using our 3rd party tracking in concert with our management technology enables us to improve our clients’ conversion rates. While billions are spent each year in customer acquisition, all steps of the customer journey are often forgotten and the last click is given too much weight. Our EasyTrack solution provides the capability to optimise the effectiveness and quality of the traffic on your site and therefore, drive your conversion rate. By understanding where your visitors come from and how they behave, you can learn how to improve your website and user experience and focus your acquisition budget on the most profitable visitor sources.

Bottom line, the more informed your bidding and budgeting decisions are, the better the performance you will see. Want to know more about how 3rd party tracking like ours can help? Send us an email at


We are proud to announce the release of the SEM platform v6.10! In short, this update offers Bing Shopping campaign support, Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign support, and granular SEM radius targeting.

Bing Shopping

On top of our well established Google Shopping campaigns support, we have now implemented the newly released Bing Shopping campaigns (replacing former Bing Product List Ads) to our customers. This update has now made it possible to create Google & Bing shopping campaigns in a single interface, which will save a large amount of time and inconvenience. Advertisers can now fully leverage their product inventory feeds to seamlessly promote their products to 95% of US search users.

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

After implementing Yahoo Gemini Search campaign support in recent months, we can now introduce Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign. Our customers can create Yahoo campaigns that will deliver on both Search and Native networks using image and video creatives. They will also benefit from our advanced platform features to efficiently manage and analyze Yahoo Gemini campaigns (audits, automated agents, mass edit, mass duplicate, reporting). On top of that, we also introduced Yahoo Conversion tracker management so that our customers can manage Yahoo Conversions sourced from Yahoo directly in our platform.

Radius Targeting

We now support radius geotargeting! This feature enables our customers to target people around a specific country, region, city, metropolitan area, GPS point, and location extensions. This, in turn, allows for our clients to target with greater granularity so as to improve ROI.

Audience Management

In order to target even more precisely, we now offer clients, when running search campaigns, an audience management tool, which permits targeting to a certain population of people based on their email address or their user behaviour on a website.

Performance Improvements

We have also improved the way data is retrieved, aggregated and displayed in the tabular view (the main interface you use to navigate and manage accounts) so as to reduce page loading time and improve efficiency for our customers. In addition, we are now using the most recent API update from Bing: Bing API v10.

This platform update allows our clients' more efficient access to powerful SEM features on Google and broadens their PPC reach into Native Ads. Especially with the introduction of the Bing Shopping campaigns, our clients will now be able to reach a more diverse and motivated population to sell their products to. Have any questions about how to develop more robust SEM campaigns? Send us an email to