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Adapting to a new format launch on Google AdWords is always a tricky task to approach. At first, you are suspicious: do I have to use this new format to see a better ROI? Or am I better off sticking with what I know? The risk of setting up a non-functional or irrelevant format often deters advertisers from trying new formats in the first place. As well, getting new AdWords formats to run is often a time-consuming process that involves intelligence!

Now a format has come along that is terrific for advertisers with real physical stores as well as e-commerce channels and we recommend, if you fit into this category of advertiser, to try it out.


What is LIA?

The LIA, short for Local Inventory Ads, is a set of sponsored links that are delivered on search engine result pages. They show an image of a product and have product sale descriptions attached. When clicked, this link takes you to the product page in a Google environment, rather than your website, which indicates the nearest store, how to get there along with a link to the product’s website.


Why LIA?

Utilising the Local Inventory Ads of Google Adwords is simply one of the best advertising tools because it redirects users to participate in in-store shopping. It has an advantage over conventional advertising because the image of a product is attached with actionable directions that allow for the customer to access information about in-store shopping in a clear and concise way. Google performed a study that showed that CTR increased 81% from a PC and 99% from mobile LIA when an ad is shown using LIA instead of a classic Shopping Ad. In addition, as is often the case with the arrival of a new format, the LIA presents great opportunities in terms of price with low CPC.


Is LIA the shopping of the future?

With the development of mobile and location-based research, the LIA is an innovative format that bridges the gap between your online acquisition strategies and the arrival of in-store up-to-date inventory. Google created this format to better serve consumers and its importance will gradually increase, because:

  • The LIA will be automatically be promoted on smartphones.
  • The LIA ads are favoured on local searches like “…near me…”.
  • Geolocation detection was added to these ads for more visibility.

Local Ads Inventory offers consumers and advertisers alike a richer online product searching experience. Offering the consumer a tangible and actionable shopping solution allows them to feel less inhibited by the absence of information they may be seeking in order to commit to a purchase. Setting up an LIA campaign well requires you to take account of many metrics and data sources.

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8 February 2016