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If your Facebook ads are under-delivering you might not be getting the maximal results that you want from your ads. This guide will cover the most common reasons for under-delivery on Facebook and suggest possible actions that can be taken to resolve any issues.



  • Learning Phase - After initial creation, your ad will go through the ‘learning phase’; in which the conditions of the marketplace are being determined for optimum delivery. During this phase, you may see slow or non-existent delivery but this should pick up once the phase has ended.
  • Bid & Budget – Often the marketplace is overly competitive and your ad may lose out to those with higher bids, budgets and relevance. Ensure your bids and budgets are competitive with other advertisers that are targeting similar audiences. Testing the use of the budget optimisation tool and automated bidding can also help improve the delivery of a Facebook ad.
  • Audience Overlap & Relevance - If you are targeting similar audiences across different ad sets then they will compete against each other, which can result in under-delivery. You can check the audience overlap within the Audiences section of Business Manager (Actions > Show Audience Overlap). In order to avoid this, we recommend combining audiences with an overlap of +20% into the same ad set. In addition, the relevance of target audience is vital: too broad and your relevance score will be low; too specific and your ad may struggle to deliver.
  • Campaign Changes - Whenever you edit a campaign, ad set or ad it will re-enter the review process, followed by the learning phase. This will result in temporary under-delivery and constant edits may lead to the ad not delivering at all.
  • Policy Review - Any new Facebook ad is reviewed by Facebook’s internal policy team. This process can take up to 24 hours and if your ad is deemed to not meet the required policies then it will be disapproved and will need to be edited in order to align with Facebook’s advertising policies.
  • Payments & Spend Limit - If your account has several failed billing attempts, ads will be paused until the outstanding balance is paid. You should also be aware of any Account or Campaign spend limits set by the ad account admin. If the limits are reached then ads will stop serving until the limit is increased or reset.
  • Dynamic Product Ads - If your DPAs are not delivering, it is most likely due to a Facebook pixel issue. You need to ensure that ViewContent, AddtoCart and Purchase events are all set-up on your website.



Resolving any under-delivery issues with your Facebook ads ensures that you are effectively reaching your target audience, thereby maximising the returns from your marketing investment.

Still not sure why your Facebook ads aren’t delivering as expected? Get in touch through the contact form below and let us see what we can do to help.

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6 November 2018