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From Google core updates to viral trends on TikTok, the digital marketing landscape is always evolving. Read our latest round-up to stay ahead of the game and learn what’s sparking conversation online.

Organic search

Google tests new featured snippet layout

Normally Google only shows one source or site in its coveted “position zero” slot. But for the past month or so,  Google has been testing new layouts for its featured snippet listing, sometimes displaying up to four featured snippets for a single search.

Google has very occasionally shown “multifaceted featured snippets” since 2018. But this new testing indicates that Google may be planning to update the featured snippet, replacing its highly sought-after position zero with something more versatile.

This is important news for site owners and SEOs as changing the design of the featured snippet could lead to fewer click throughs and less organic traffic.

Google’s People Also Ask feature returns to normal

Google’s People Also Ask feature is a rich snippet that answers questions related to the user’s search query. It was first introduced in February 2018 and is a favourite among content marketers.

Earlier this month, digital marketers noticed that the People Also Ask feature was turning up in fewer results pages. The exact reason behind the change remains unknown. But according to RankRanger, Google has now returned the snippet to its original frequency.

Paid search

Google introduces four new Performance Max features

Google is rolling out four new features for Performance Max campaigns. The new features are designed to help advertisers diagnose problems and improve performance.

1) Data exclusions

Smart bidding uses conversion data to help advertisers meet their targets. Google’s new feature attempts to resolve issues caused by inaccurate conversion tracking by giving users the option to exclude certain dates.

2) Seasonal adjustments

Google’s new seasonal adjustments tool allows advertisers to modify their bid strategy when they expect a short-lived but significant change in conversion. 

3) Explanations 

The explanation feature is designed to help advertisers identify performance fluctuations and diagnose issues. It also offers recommendations for improving ad performance.

4) Optimisation score 

Google’s optimisation score gauges performance. It allows advertisers to see where their campaigns can be improved and provide recommendations for driving better results.

Technical SEO

Ahrefs suggests almost half of clicks go to hidden terms

Most SEOs trust the accuracy of Google Search Console (GSC). After all, the data comes directly from Google. However, researchers at Ahrefs have announced that you may not be able to trust the platform’s keyword data as much as previously thought. In fact, Patrick Stox, Product Advisor & Technical SEO at Ahrefs, argues you may be seeing less than half of all the keywords driving clicks to your website.

If you’re worried about how much data is missing from your own site, the easiest way to see how many clicks Google isn’t showing you is to use the GSC connector in Google Data Studio. Patrick Stox has made a report in Data Studio that you can replicate.

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28 July 2022