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As we begin 2016, we’re going to look back at the progress we’ve made as a data-driven digital marketing agency in 2015.


ESV Digital has seen some great expansion over 2015. We have recently opened an office in Oslo, Norway, which is growing rapidly. We added several new team members in the US office and our Brazil location is developing tremendously and they just moved into plush new offices late in 2015. London and Paris have seen major clients joining them and continued growth of headcount whilst the US office has signed several new clients and we have aggressive expansion plans for 2016. We have also expanded into digital consulting globally and we completed some exciting, large-scale projects.


Multi-Channel Attribution

Our Multi-Channel platform has seen several iterations and improvements over the year: These developments include:

  • Cross-device tracking.
  • Full integration of Website analytics data – not just for reports but to factor into our attribution algorithm.
  • A much greater range of widgets to maximise the visibility of trends to the user.
  • Post-impression data is now tracked, not only post-click data.
  • Server speed has been increased by 50% so the user experience is remarkably slick.
  • Rich reporting in Excel files is now integrated for fully customisable data breakouts.



So as we look forward to the new year, we see continued expansion of the company across the world combined with the exciting platform updates we aim to bring to market as soon as possible.

We’ve had a remarkably busy year and we have so many cool things planned for 2016 so stay tuned and we’ll have loads more to tell you about soon. Meanwhile, have a joyful and peaceful beginning to the New Year from everyone at ESV Digital!

14 January 2016